Thursday, June 27, 2019

Day 12 - Missoula Montana to Kalispell Montana

As if the challenging weather conditions we have had to date were not enough, we had some more cold and rain today that was not forecasted. Most of the 148 mile ride was very cool with temperatures in the upper 40's to lower 50's and probably 50 miles were in the rain. Then as a final insult, as we were packing our bikes in boxes in the parking lot to ship, we had a violent storm with high winds, rain and hail. Everyone had to come inside to take shelter and drag their partially disassembled bikes with them.

I had hoped to take lots of pictures along the many lakes we passed today but between the rain and fog and the fact that my hands were so cold, it wasn't possible other than just a couple of quick pictures after the rain stopped. Today was so different than this ride in 2014 when the weather was perfect.

So we have no ride tomorrow. Today was the final day of the trip. Normally I am sad about that but this trip was so grueling I'm really ready for it to be over. I ride Amtrak east toward home tomorrow and will post an epilogue of the trip from the train. I want to sleep on this one and gather my thoughts before I post. There are many thank you's and kudos that need to be said and I think I'll do a better job of that when I'm not so tired. I'll post that some time during the day tomorrow.

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